Power Ski Simulator

Power Ski Simulator

Power Ski Simulator

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Are you also tired of working on your perfect ski position only once a year or do you want to get rid of that annoying muscle pain every skiing holiday? Then the Pro Ski Simulator is the solution. Through intensive training you build up muscle strength and suppleness in the muscles that you only use when you go skiing. When your training your body will automatically adopts the correct posture and your muscles will remember this when they are on the slopes. For both beginner and advanced, the Pro ski simulator remains a great workout. By using extra or less elastics at the bottom, you can determine the intensity yourself and you continue to challenge yourself.

• The power ski simulator is longer and has more elastics than the basic variant. You can also click your ski boots in the ski bindings.

• The frame has 8 elastic bands that you can adjust yourself.

• Multiple training videos available, these can be ordered separately.

• Advanced skiers can also mount ski poles, which can be ordered separately.

•Dimensions; L: 219cm / W: 68cm / H: 125cm, weight 42kg.

•Do you want an impression of what a training looks like? Watch this video with a comprehensive training. You can use this training well to get started with the ski simulator. Use the password videoskipass to view the video.

Would you like to order our ski simulator to a country that does not belong to the European Union? Please first contact our Customer Service for the possible shipping options.

Dimensions and weight of the package:
L 220cm x W 70cm  x  H 30cm, weight 50kg
L 86,6inch  x W 27,3inch x H 11,7inch, weight 110lb

L 219cm  x  W 68cm  x H 125cm, weight 48kg
L 86,3inch x W 26,5inch x H 48,7inch, weight 106lb

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