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Innovation and high quality: Spyder ski clothing

Spyder is a brand that was founded in the United States in 1933. David Jacobs sons were members of the ski racing team and he noticed that there was only one brand of racing sweaters up to now. He was sure he could do better. That was the beginning of David L Jacobs Incorporated, but initially only as a mail order business. The brand grew rapidly under the slogan 'for racing, by racers' and when in 1978 one of his racing pants designs was referred to as 'spider pants', he renamed the brand. The characteristic “y” was influenced by the Ferrari Spyder. Today Spyder is a clothing brand for mountain sports, outdoor sports and racing. As one of the largest winter sports brands in the world, Spyder offers ski clothing, thermal clothing and ski accessories that are made from high-tech fabrics, have ski-specific functions and are fashionable.

At SkiWebShop you will find the following Spyder ski clothing, among others:

  • Spyder men's ski pants
  • Spyder men's ski jacket
  • Spyder sweater

Propulsion GTX ski pants Spyder functions and materials

The materials of the Spyder Propulsion GTX ski pants are highly functional and therefore particularly well suited to achieving very good athletic performance even under extreme weather conditions. You will also look very elegant when descending the slopes with these classic ski pants from Spyder. The ventilation around the thighs ensures that you definitely don't overheat. The stretch material of the GTX Propulsion ski pants Spyder helps you bring out your maximum performance on skis. Thanks to the warming PrimaLoft insulation, the Propulsion GTX Spyder ski pants are permanently water-resistant. The PrimaLoft insulation also ensures that you do not lose your own body heat, and at the same time the cold stays outside. In addition, the Propulsion GTX Spyder ski pants are completely glued at all seams, which supports the water-repellent quality of the jacket. The hips of the ski pants are adjustable to fit your size perfectly, and the belt buckles support this.

The right ski jacket for your new ski pants

The Spyder Propulsion GTX ski pants come in many different colors. The colored statements of the Spyder ski pants allow you to combine your new Spyder Propulsion ski pants with various Spyder ski jackets. The Spyder Propulsion GTX ski pants, for example, go great with the Orbiter GTX ski jacket. The Propulsion GTX ski pants as well as the Spyder ski jacket Orbiter GTX ski jacket are offered in many different, cheerful colors, just like the many different models of Spyder ski jackets. Thanks to the statement-like color blocking in Spyder ski jackets, you can definitely choose the right ski jacket for your new ski pants and find a perfectly fitting ski outfit. With a matching outfit, and also from a brand like Spyder, you not only look elegant on the slopes, but also get all the advantages of the high quality of Spyder, as well as the technical functions.

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