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Wonderful Women’s Mid-Layer Jackets from Icepeak Colony Collection

All ladies are welcome to enjoy what the Icepeak Colony collection has prepared for them. These wonderful women’s mid-layer jackets provide excellent properties and features. Comfortable, reliable, and durable – these Icepeak jackets for women can quickly become your new favorite piece of clothing. The brand focuses on high-quality materials, both on the outside and in the lining. With over 25 years of experience on the market, Icepeak ski clothes have become one of the most sought-after among all ski enthusiasts. Currently, this brand is regarded as one of the most dependable in Europe. What is more, their amazing and wide selection of good-quality skiwear comes at affordable prices.

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The Many Special Features of the Icepeak Colony Ladies’ Jackets

Icepeak was always about combining high-quality materials with comfortable and good-looking designs. Hence, all the brands’ products come as well-regarded among many professional athletes and amateur day-to-day users. When it comes to Icepeak Colony jackets for women, these amazing products have been designed to address the needs of all outdoor enthusiasts. Thanks to its adjustable collar and a convenient central zipper, the mid-layer jacket is easy to wear. Additional and functional pockets add more advantages to the everyday use of the Icepeak Colony jackets. What is more, these pieces of clothing are often worn as a top layer around autumn and spring. The polysulfone materials make these jackets a thermal option that supports the right warmth. Moreover, the models come in exciting and stunning colors, which you can mix and match with other ski clothing.


Bet on Icepeak and Complete Your Luxury Wintertime Style

Fashionable, yet comfortable – that is how we could summarize the Icepeak Colony ladies’ jackets. It is important to stress out that they are not your usual ski jackets. If you are looking for a top-layer ski jacket, we recommend giving the Icepeak Electra collection a try. When it comes to the Colony jackets, these models are mid-layer jackets. Therefore, they can be worn underneath another layer. However, some users say that they enjoy wearing these models as a top jacket when the temperatures are not so low. You might want to take a closer look at the Icepeak Elsah collection too if you need a dependable and durable ski jacket. The brand’s many amazing outdoor clothes series will surely exceed your expectations. Feel free to browse our store, and try different styles to create your own. Take a look at our Shop Your Look section to compare various collections.

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